Saturday, April 23, 2016

All things work together

There is a folk tale about an old man who lived in a tiny village in Germany. One day the mans only horse ran away, His neighbor came over to lament with him.
"oh such, bad luck!" the neighbor crowed, "what will you do?.
The old man shrugged "What do I know of bad luck and good luck he replied.?" The neighbor walked away.

The next day, the horse returned bringing 20 horses with him.

Again the neighbor came over.
"Such Good luck for you!." he beamed "now you have many horses!"
the old one replied "What do I know of good luck and bad luck?" He shrugged
the neighbor went home, shaking his head.

Next day the old mans son, fell off  one of the new horses trying to break it in.
He broke his leg and was in terrible pain.
the neighbor came over once again  to commiserate with the old man
"What bad luck." He begin
The old man said the same thing......"what do i know of good luck or bad luck?"
The next day soldiers came into the village and  forced all the young men to go into the army to fight.
They decided not to take the old man's son because his leg was broken.
The neighbor couldn't say a word.
What do we know of good luck or bad luck.

When something happens we are devastated. Someone dies, someone is ill all things that happen to people you love. You cry, scream, throw things and finally shout at God, Why me?

And heaven is silent.
Or it seems so to us, actually there is a reason. We are promised to get the answer when we get to heaven. In the meantime: we wait.
We cannot see the whole picture. God does. He knows the next step in the process. A friend explained it to me this way once.
God is working on something, always. He may start with someone in California- Then another person  may be in Kansas..there is and  link to what he is creating until it comes to us.
We do not know the before or the after that we are caught up with. Unlike the old man in the village we  cannot see what the whole picture turns out to be.

Nor do we care at that point. 
 So how do we get through this?
First give yourself and everyone else a break. Small things are magnified when we hurt, We expect ourselves to be everything to everyone. Breathe. Then pray.

Don't take things personally. throw things you feel are directed off your back. You don't need anymore stress. 

Pray. we are told to pray without ceasing. what does that mean? Well, it doesn't mean we get on our knees in the supermarket (you can if you like) but it also tells us to pray in our closet. this was really brought to light with the release of the move "the war room" I pray throughout the day. If I get a prayer request from a friend, on Facebook, Twitter or by phone: I bow my head right then. 
When you feel the sting of pain going through you: bow your head. Let God carry you through it. 

And of of stay in the word.

We don't have the answers but someone does, and the key is staying in touch with him.

God bless all who are going through a difficult time. 

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

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