Monday, April 25, 2016


Denise is always insisting none of us listen to her. She insists she will tell us something, and we forget because we are not listening. This, of course, is  not true. I forget because I cannot hold even the most important information in my head longer then 30.2 seconds. That is why I am always asking her what she said, or forgetting she said something would happen.
I feel badly because I know she feels this way, but I don't know what I can do about it. 

Tasha tells everything. When she arrives home from school, it is time to get ready for the 3:40 news from Drayton Hall Elementary and playground. She has been on the morning news (at school) a few times: I understand why. She and her friend Gabby take turns giving Denise and /or I their respective rundowns.

A few years ago Tasha was talking to her mom and I overheard say: "Nanny doesn't really listen so I am telling you", the statement took me back and I found myself very embarrassed. Not because she was right, she was. But because I didn't realize when I tuned in and dropped out she noticed.  I was upset she noticed how disrespectful I had been to her.

If you don't listen to your kids they will confide in someone who does, or find something else to do.

This is true. If we don't listen to small things, how can they trust us with the big?
The Bible tells us God will not trust us with big things until we show ourselves faithful in the small things. In other words, if it is too hard to make it to church to worship him for an hour, how is he going to bless us when we pray to "save the world?"
Admit it. We do have grandiose plans for service Christ, but fail in the little things. Simple things such as listening to a child.

Its funny when you realize what you think is senseless chatter, is really the heart of child looking for trust and value. 
Do you trust me?
Do you think my world is important?
Yes we do.

If you don't listen to your spouse, they will find someone who will.
Listening is a small way to value a relationship. 
I vividly remember when my husband would come home from work, grab a drink and pull a chair up the the kitchen bar. His sole purpose to share his day and find out about mine. I didn't value this at the time. I didn't realize the connection and how important this sharing was to him.

If you don't listen to your friends, well how important is that friendship?
I have a friend, who has been dear to me for more years then I care to count. Our kids literally grew up together. She taught me about listening. I can think of about three times over the year she has confessed to being to busy to talk to me. She listens without response and answers me only when I ask her to respond to  questions.

Some people, I know, listen to respond. in other words, they are listening not to you, but formulating in their minds their answer to you. I wonder how they can actually listen if they are preparing an answer? they can't.

Do you listen?

roverbs 1:5 
A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels:

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