Monday, July 4, 2016

The General on the battlefield

A few weeks ago;
Natasha:(watching a old movie with me) Why does that man always ride behind the other man with a flag?
Me: because the flag identifies the regiment, and tells everyone where the General is on the battle field.
Natasha, incredulously : They can lose a General?????

We are celebrating, today the signing of the declaration of Independence. This day we declared our freedom from King George, and Great Britain.
In reality, We have declared our freedom many times over the years, we fought and men died for it.
We fought the Brits again in 1812, they finally learned their lesson.
We had to teach the same lesson to the Spanish in the Spanish American War.
We argued among ourselves in 1861, and on the 4th of July was the final battle of the worse battle of the Civil War Gettysburg. The actual death toll was higher at Antietam, but the destruction was more devastating at Gettysburg. It changed the course of the war,.
We helped the British out in WWI
fought by Their side in WWII, while teaching the Japanese the same lesson we taught them..
Korea got a little uppity, and Vietnam tried to split apart in a police action. Both were civil wars, we tried to teach how they should end..but failed. both countries are still split, and ours is stronger.
Don't mess with the USA.
Today our freedoms are threatened from the inside, more the outside. forces are gathering together to undermine what we stand for. But because it is from the interior, I think some of us are missing it.
A house divided against it self cannot stand.
Hitler knew this, He created a common enemy in the Jews, and germany stood against them.
He took everyone's guns, cut their personal rights. Told everyone what to think and say. Germans lived in terror, they didn't dare voice opinions, you never knew whom you could trust. Even family and close friends.
We think this cannot happen. What are they trying to do to the 2nd amendment? and what is a better common enemy than Muslims?
Stop and Think.
On this fourth I hope everyone is reflecting on what a great and wonderful country we live in. there are problems, but we have the right to voice your opinion and how you feel about these problems.
Even more important, you can change them. but you have to do something. Stand up, Act on your beliefs. Change the world, or just you little part of it.Find your general on the battlefield or become one yourself.

Doing something helps, even if all you do is this:

Have a Happy and Safe fourth.
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