Wednesday, January 18, 2017

We are America Strong

Right after 9/11 I was busily involved with others in my church, to show our appreciation to first respondents. Denise asked me: don't we appreciate them always? Why do we only show them after a tragedy? Out of the mouths of  than 20 year olds.
Last week, after the shooting of the officer in Florida. Another officer slain. Hearts broken, Whether or not Denise realizes it: she hit me again almost word for word.
 I suggested we go out to eat,  "we can let our appreciation be known should  any police be in the restaurant." I crowed
Denise Doucett said: if I wanted to thank a anyone it  wouldn't be now when it's in style. I'd do it when it was quiet, they would know we mean it, not jumping on the bandwagon.

Jesus says never let your right hand know what your left is doing, meaning do your good deeds in the

dark not for others to see.
In a few days all will calm down, we will move on. They have caught the shooter.
The inauguration is taking center stage. The smooth transfer of power  being the focus. The handoff of the worlds top office is what continues to make us " America Strong"The Woman's march taking place in Washington and other places is vying for second place. Nightclub bombings, earthquakes, and bad weather has become the thir placeholder for the news.
All important, all upsetting. All disturbing. Loss of life is.

Still, tonight, today, tomorrow, somewhere in America, an officer will be shot in the line of duty. We won't know because he was stopping a bank robber.
A fireman will pay the price fighting a fire. He won't make the news, he was doing his job. A white kid will die shot by the police for whatever reason.  A black kid will die without cameras being around. We won't know, no one will speak up for them.

And the ultimate..a soldier, sailor, airmen, marine somebody's son or daughter, wife or husband, father or mother  Will never go home again. Did you hear about it on the news?
These things don't stop because the media has chosen to move their interest elsewhere
We sometimes forget our country is the biggest player in the game.

When it's all quiet, and you see a cop sitting in his ROL quietly buy him a cup of coffee.

It's OK to say thank you, even when no one else is..
Maybe it's even better.

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