Monday, January 23, 2017

Who am I? Musing on the womens march

Who am I?

I am a mother from Flint Michigan, whose child's water is poisoned.
I am a Native American Mother from South Dakota whose burial land is being invaded.
I am a mother, that is also a police officer, whose life is in danger.
I am A pro-lifer who believes in the Sanctify of life
I am a pro-choicer who believes my body is my own, not to be sanctioned by the government.
I am a Christian Praying for you and our country.
I am an atheist, that does not want to be bothered.
I am a mother whose child died in a school shooting.
I am the mother of a school shooter bringing awareness to bullying and mental help issues.
I am a woman, worried about our environment
Can you hear me?

I am a Father whose wife died of cancer,l because there isn't a cure.
I am the father trying to be a single parent to my daughter.
I am a father, that wants his daughter to know how powerful she is.
I am a pastor, can I tell you about Jesus?
We are a family that lost their house to a flood. 

Can you hear us?

I am a grandmother whose daughter lives with her because she cannot afford decent housing.
I am a grandmother...I brought three generations of my family is here, we have all marched voting rights, to sit at a lunch counter.
I am a grandmother worried about education for my grandchildren. I am a senior citizen wondering, will I always have my social security?

We were the faces of the march yesterday. 

We did not make it to the media or facebook, but we were the majority. We were not celebrities who made passionate speeches. . Did you hear us? We are not about getting a paycheck, handouts, having government help. It is about drinking water, food, culture, and our life.
It's about a living wage for days pay, affordable insurance, gas prices, muslims, terrorist, immigration issues. Black lives, blue lives, all lives matter.
It is about sending my child to school and knowing she is coming home.
We were 500,000 in Washington DC, over a million more all over the world exercising our constitutional right to assemble. We didn't riot. No one was arrested. 
We know the true  story of the March, We were there,

A lot of people are worried right now. If you ae excited about Trump, that's great he is President we will pray for him, to do a wonderful job. .If you are scared because Trump is president, and very worried you will be all right too.
If you look at our country's history the country is not changed by the president it is changed by large angry groups. If the first day is any indication, our country is going to be ok 
Aziz Ansari.

Remember the tea party?

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