Monday, February 6, 2017

God is too

Natasha had a friends over this weekend;
well, actually she had a friend, her mom was babysitting which added to more. So we had an impromptu gathering of three kids, which of course in real time means the energy of six.
Natasha was trying to make lunch, and it proved to be a frustrating experience for her. She poured to many chicken nuggets on the pan, and had to recount them. Then when she went to put them in the oven I reminded her, she needed to start the water for the Mac and cheese first. One friend was behind her arguing and yelling Miss Chris Natasha is doing this..and another friend is on the sofa crying because "everyone was being mean to me!"
The chaos was horrible, and finally Natasha put her head in her hands and said tearfully.
"I don't want to cook anymore,"
Me: "why?"
Natasha.. "I'm not doing a very good job,"
Broke this Nanny's heart, as it always does when she cries.

Brokenness opens a path for obedience. Not because it’s more spiritual to be jacked up across fourteen areas of life, but because of the humility it takes to engage in an honest relationship between the Holy Spirit and us. It takes guts to say, “I don’t have it all together and I’m not going to wait until I have it all together. Jesus, I need you now. Where are you? Can you please come to me now?” 

It's hard to watch someone you love in a broken state. But it's the only way Jesus can step in to heal. Ten going on eleven is early to learn to lean on your savior. We got Natasha back on her feet and in action. I pulled her into my room an we had a few moments of prayer and she's ready to face life. 
How are you feeling today?  It doesn't matter what the issue is, how old you are, whether you are broken because of a death, miscarriage, financial issues. If you had a Monday, and its Wednesday: your car keys have disappeared into the fifth dimension of your house and you can't find then.
The point is, God is the God of the broken rather you are.suffering major or.minor issues, He is there for you.
Call on Him.

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