Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Confessions of a yogurt addict

I was busily working this evening, actually driving the forklift when I looked up and saw the co-manager of the store waving me down. Now I suppose if you don't drive a forklift you don't realize it doesn't turn on a dime, and he certainly didn't. By the time you reach co-manager of a store especially Walmart, you haven't driven a forklift or any of the equipment for quite a while. You are stuck in the  administration office, doing whatever it is they do in there until you come out and try to flag someone down who is trying to stack pallets exactly 14 high without dropping one in 28 degree temps.and yes, this is why I have associates under me to do this stuff, but it gets me out of the building.
At any rate, I did a 360 turn, went back to where he was, where he solemnly informed me I had 4 hours overtime and to skedaddle. do not stop at the door, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars, or overtime. skedaddle. 
It is the end of the fiscal year for Walmart, cutting time and hours so we can come within our yearly budgets is very important. So I did. I parked, grabbed my things, quickly wrote notes for my people and skedaddled. To the grocery part of the store. 
Now everyone I know, has shopped at Walmart at some time or another. And rather or not you hate or love it, you have to admit, it is the most convenient way to spend your money.
I will, do anything not to go to a grocery store. If I cannot pick it up on the way home, it just doesn't get picked up by me. 
When I lived alone, I was known to live on yogurt and strawberry cheesecake ice cream, rather then shop or cook. Not the healthiest of diets, so to compensate, I would stop at the deli from time to time and buy a dinner or a salad. 
Needless to say, that is not an option now, have to be a good example for my Lil Darlin' so I have been known to even cook on occasion. A real meal with meat,veggies and everything.
Luckily the inclination doesn't hit me to often, so I am still sane. 
When my kids were young at home, I was homeschooling and cooked balanced meals every day. three times a day.
I even did menus and went shopping once a week. After 18 years though, my domestic side withered out. and luckily it coincided with both of my kids going off to college and getting married. Great timing. 
But tonight I had a flashback. Now I know yogurt is not healthy. No matter what they say. It has 27g of sugar and bad Carbs and 170 calories. The only good yogurt is the plain, with no fruit or sugar, but who wants that?
So today, as I was picking up breakfast food and looking for bologna (which we were out of BadWalmart, Bad,Bad Walmart!) I passed the yogurt and decided I would have a flashback.
I stopped and started to pick up a few, then I remembered I hadn't had this flavor for a while, and I loved Pina Colada and the strawberry banana, not to mention the cherry....
well I kept putting yogurts in my basket and then headed for the check out to go home. The only excuse I have is I blacked out. no really, I did.
At the register the cashier made the comment:
"you uh really like yogurt, don't you?"
At this point I looked in my basket and noticed the whole bottom was covered with yogurt.
Just about every flavor I have ever liked. Not to mention, Tasha's favorites that we only buy her for special treats. 
Being embarrassed, I mumbled something to the effect my whole family loves it...and quickly paid and left with 15 dollars worth of yogurt. 
I quickly drove home, to my surprise my daughter was still up and on the phone so I brought in two bags of legitimate groceries,then went out the back door and tried to sneak in the yogurt and hid it in the crisper. But I forgot she had gone to the Piggily Wiggly this afternoon and found fruit and veggies on sale so the crisper was full, had to condense it fast.So I did the unthinkable, I put onions in the same crisper with the cantaloupe and watermelon. Where will our addictions lead us?
I thought I was home free, but she was down this evening so I decided to make her laugh and showed her the cooler. She did laugh, and called me a yogurt addict. How true. 
So now all of you know my sordid secret. I am a addict.
I cannot resist the yogurt thing. Yes that's right. I confess.
My daughter made wonderful tacos for dinner, which I ate then followed it up with two yogurts. 
But to my credit, I didn't touch the Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream....
Tomorrow is, after all, another day. 

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