Monday, January 26, 2009

I got tagged on face book with the 25 things about yourself assignment. I know its going around because three other blogger I follow also got tagged with it. It is a great way to get to know each other, but as I thinking of the 25 things, it makes you reflect on what you know about yourself. So here are my 25 things.:
I My granddaughter is the love of my life.
2. I have awesome kids.
3. I love to read,
4. I love to dance.
5. I am told I have a great sense of humor, I like to be silly (yes at my age)
6. I love Mexican food
7. I have a love.hate relationship with cooking. sometimes I do sometimes I don't
8. I just redid my bedroom in hunter green and mauve.
9. I have a passion for protecting kids.
10. I work out twice/three times a week.
11. I spend to much time on the 'puter
12. I am a teacher,I used to teach English and history but you couldn't tell it by my spelling.
13. I too love a clean house,
14. I never take myself or others to seriously.
15. I am very laid
16 I love shoes. I had 150 pairs at one point in my life.
17 I love horses
18.I am a country girl, stuck int he city.
19.I collect Teddy Bears...
20.I was raised in California, but am a southerner at heart.
21. I am a Aries. all the way.
22. Chocolate and I are soul mates.
23. Offer me coffee and I'll follow you anywhere.
24 I live in Jeans.
25. I love making friends but find it hard because I am shy.

I am not an exciting person, just a unique one. I am just me. But it was fun doing this, there are other things i could have added, things that may have defined me as me:
I am a Christian
I am generally a happy person, That likes to make others happy as well.
I am an encourager
I am always a teacher and I like to teach
I am a strict manager
I love yogurt.
Somethings never change.
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