Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No TV??????!!!!!! oh well it's Wednesday

I am sitting her at my computer, it's Wednesday. And Wednesday is always  weird day. It's in the middle of everything. Worse yet, nothing seems to happen on Wednesday. It's just a day.
I can' think of any notable event that has occured on a Wednesday. Tuesday is a big day, what with 9/11, inguraguations,  You have to have a healthy respect for Tuesdays. But Wednesday?  
My daughter is out on a date, they are walking around downtown Charleston, which is a wonderful thing to do on a date, so much to see. Safe and out in the open. 
But she left me with a rowdy Tasha, who is very upset because her mom told her and I gaily, No TV today. She is watching to much Television, then promptly left for the day. 
Who deals with the no TV? Nanny. And that, people, is the kind of day Wednesday always is. 
Not that TV is a good thing, but it is a relief , just for a moment.
So we are into the no TV thing. Tasha wanted to take a bath, and we always do around lunchtime before nap because nights are too cold here right now, so we took a bath, she took all five of her Disney princesses, Dora doll, two cars, and hopped in the tub. I knew we were in for the long haul. so that was a good thing. 
She played I read, it was relaxing for both her and I.
After we washed, her, her hair, her princesses, her Dora doll and the bathroom floor, we had snack cookies an milk. Then rest time. We can't call it nap time, because that causes problems. We don't take naps. We take "a little rest" so we can get on with a busy day. 
You have to think faster then a 2 year old. 
I a, always thankful I will never have a chance to go on That show, "Are you smarter then a fifth grader," because I don't think I am. Most days I am not smarter then a two year old, what hope do I have for a fifth grader?
My 2.11 year old is now sitting under my desk, playing  with her princess, and using the side of the desk for bongo drums. 
She has an amazing imagination for a almost three year old.  She can keep herself busier then  most kids. 
When my children were little TV was restricted to 2 hours a day, period for the three of them. 
I remember them out in the back Yard, building forts, I remember a period where they played office. they set up desks, an phones in the basement and played office all day. 
They had a ball,I am not sure what went on in that office, but it kept them busy for a week. they got up, ate breakfast and rushed to their office every day.
We had a little house in the backyard, a guest house. The girls set it up to play "Babysitters club" and had kids from church come over. 
The testament of her trustworthy our kids were is the fact parents of two and three year old left their kids with my 10 And 11 year old. For hours. and never worried.
I supplied the snacks the girls supplied the fun. They made flyer's, they charged i think 10 cants a child, so they made money.
I wish, very much, We could have afforded  a camera then. Because I have fresh memories in my mind and i can see it, but I can't share it. 
So not having a TV is not a bad thing, I don't think because it made my kids imaginations grow, they had to think of things to do. I remember that summer, weeks before cleaning out the green house and planning what they would do with the kids.
It's an amazing thing to me now.
So the no TV thing may not be bad. Natasha has now place her coat and my sweater on the floor under the desk and is waiting for Santa Claus. Well she is only 2.11 you know.
We called Mommy and Mommy said she can watch Barney, sssso Thank God for on Demand..
So it will still be a dull laid back day, mommy is bringing french fries, nanny is going to wash her hair and get ready for work. 
 Wednesdays are like that. 

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