Friday, January 30, 2009

Wow! It's another Simple Saturday...

Denise and I were driving home from the doctor this after noon, while stopped at a light we heard kids screaming and thought some kids were playing somewhere, looked over and saw a school bus. I saw a little girl run to the front of the bus to talk to the bus driver and the driver apparently told her to sit down. She went back to her seat slowly when another little jumped out and took her down. Literally. She grabbed her by the neck and pulled her to the floor. The driver was looking in the mirror, apparently directing children who didn't care lot of what she said. I felt sorry for the little girl who had quite obliviously been asking for help, I can think of a million things I would have done, buy I have never been in that position. So how could I know the situation? Denise and I discussed it as we drove away talking bout that being the most dangerous job in the world, but the strange thing is, I think it must be. How do you turn your back on 30 - 40 kids every day? Even today I think about that little girl. I hope It was a one time thing, not a bullying situation.
You can't tell, but this is a picture of an airplane. Yep, that's right. I had airplanes flying around my yard last night.I caught this one coming in for a landing. then it took off again.
Natasha loves planes. When we pick up her mom, the place she works is close to an airport, so we would sit out and watch airplanes. Tasha gets so excited when a plane goes over. Her uncle last night started to make paper airplanes for her, so we started with airplanes in the house. Then they swooped out to the back yard. Planes landing at sunset. Mom and Uncle Eric were her supporting planes. The flew, and landed and whooped making plane noises all over the yard. I wondered what the neighbors thought. We live in a neighborhood of older people, grandparents.
People who like peace and order. What I hope they did was smile at the grown up who were not afraid to look silly with a Little girl.
I think they probably did. Parents get so busy, they don't remember how to be silly. I watching a TV program the other day about a cop who hated Chrismas, and a little girl asked when had he forgotten?
"Forgotten what?" he asked?
"Forgotten what it was like to believe that a man who doesn't even know you will fly all over the world thousands of miles, just to leave you a present."
"That's not true," the policeman retorted,
"But it is to kids, and if you could just remember that feeling, you'd never forget childhood."
I asked my son if he could remember anything silly I did with them when they were kids, He gave me a list:
Water Balloon fights
Bringing home appliance boxes so they could build things in the back yard.
Swim Days
Airplanes. Airplanes?
I just asked for one, I got many. I guess they got their silliness from me. I hope all parents remember there kids are young but once, so take a minute and be silly.I really really liked the water balloons as I recall.

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday, I know everyone is sitting in the edge of their chairs waiting on the super bowl, Me? I am waiting on the commercials. It amazes me they pay 3 million dollars for 30 seconds but no one seems to think anything of it.Any way, thats not my point. Everyone has favorites, Mean Joe Green is I believe everyones Favorite But it's not mine my son's favorite one is 1984: Apple

My Daughter's is doesn't really have one, but if she did being she over frogs I would have to guess this one And that one is cute, but my favorite is the one that every women can relate to. The one that A single women after a bad date will watch and shake her head, the one that married women understand This is My Favorite

Made my day.
postscript: I have worked all day on this blog. The pictures wouldn't post, I just can' t get Hyperlinks right, the ones correct I give credit to my son. I am going out for a Ben and Jerry's maybe two.. It has been anything but a "Simple Saturday" Maybe I'll have three..

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