Sunday, February 1, 2009

Internet Dating? What, Me?

I have been threatening for a few weeks to get back into the dating scene, I was talking to a young lady at work Thursday who told me, she didn't believe me.
"you keep saying it" she said, "I think you are just talking,"
I told her I haven't met anyone to date so how could I?
"Where do you go to meet someone?" Miss Sabrina asked, eying me suspiciously
Well, I go to work, and home...I go to the store...I go to..Denny's to pick up my daughter...I furrowed my brow and thought really hard but she had me.
So I guess I won't start dating yet.
Now why I didn't see this coming I will never know, I should have been prepared knowing Sabrina as I do but she retorted..
"There's always the Internet, you are always on the computer."
Me?????At my Age??????? I have heard so many horror stories..
Now Sabrina has met the love of her life on the net, my daughters currant 1st place beau also on the net. My ex husband met his present wife and fortune on the net, need I go on? I guess its been proven. 
I've been out of work for a couple of days, with a broken rib and high blood pressures that stemmed from me taking 5 or 6 Motrin at time to stop the pain from  the Rib. the doctor called a halt to that and gave me one nice little pain pill called LorTab, guess what I am not feeling any more? and I hope my typing is making sense on top of that,
Anyway, In my time recuperating both in bed and on the sofa I have been thinking about this Internet thing. 
Today I have been searching some companies. I like the one where they have a 90 percent success rate. 
You are looking confused, because you are right they all claim that. 
So I am looking around. EHarmony looks to happy and picky they would probably reject me. 
Maybe I will just try Yahoo personals, at any rate I will keep you all informed in this new journey I am starting. Wish me luck.

A side note: My side bar is missing. I put out an APB on it and found it at the bottom of my page. I don't know if its on vacation or just trying to slip out the back door. I tried to sweet talk it back but it didn't move. I went to blogger help and they said wait a few days it may come back. Ok so I will.  Another mystery.

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