Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Taking the plunge. signing up

I have a friend whom I think is psychic, but she laughs and says it is only coincidence. She posted a blog on early morning exercise last week just as Denise was starting to exercise at 4am. This week she did a blog on the subject of Online Dating. The same day 6 hours after I did mine. 
Zandria  has a regular feature on Blog Her, and she was responsible for my blogging in the first place. She came to visit us in Florida, it was the first time (yes really, I have lived a sheltered life) any way the first time I heard of blogging. I read hers and followed her for a minute, then read others,
I decided with our move to South Carolina, that would be a good time to start. 
Zandrias' blog  told me how to fill out the profile. I am not an exciting person, So how do I fill this out to make myself interesting?
Well the thought hit me, that I may be trying to hard. I don't want a relationship per Se, unless the right person comes along. I just want to go out and have fun with someone who has like interests. A friend. Is that possible in  this  medium?
And the options, Do I go to Christian Dating? Do I go to (God Forbid) Senior Dating? How old is senior? I thought that was 80 or 90. Well that does leave me out. 
I muddled through the first part, Of course I know my own description, and pretty much got through the second and third. But telling what I like , got a little difficult because I really don't know.
Another friend, who is also a blogger wrote a blog on Choices. It made me think a lot  about choices we made. She talks about soul mates, and love and making the ultimate decision. My two true loves, were ended one by death and one by my choice. A choice I have regretted for years.
I would like to include her blog, because it says so much, but I don't have permission to link her blog her. 
So now my adventure begins I am signed on to Match.com. Well almost. I am going o have my daughter help me sound exciting on the last page. So I start my search. 
Life, as we know it, definitely goes on. 

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