Saturday, March 28, 2009

All about Saturday.....

"Tasha climbed in my lap this afternoon and said quite petulantly, "Nanny, you are always on the com-puter, just always!"
 So put into my place by a three year old, I climbed off  the puter for a moment only to find out the reason she wanted me off was so she could get on, and watch Dora. 
"Please Nanny, Nick Jr? I want to, I NEEEEEEEd to watch Dora,:"
So I set up Dora for her and she had a ball sitting at the computer pretending to type and write "bogs"
At another time on this day, I was busily typing a note to a friend, and she asked me what I was doing. 
"Typing a note to my friend Barb," I told her.
"Where does Barb, live" She asked
"Actually, Seattle"  I replied, "She is a computer friend". 
"OK" Sang Tasha as she danced out of the room, and I resumed  typing, thinking conversation closed. Silly me,  Tasha came back a few minutes later with her shoes on, and started looking at the CPU trying to play with it. 
"Tasha what are you doing?"
" I am going to see -  atle to see your friend Barb in the com-puter, you can come". "Nanny how do we get in this little box,"
now how do i explain the great city of Seattle is not in the computer? 
I forget as do we all, that kids are literal. If I say some abstract, Natasha can't think inthe abstract to her it is literally reality.
So I explained to her that someday we really are going to Seattle   because my friend Barb is the first on my list I want to visit, While our second stop will be Kansas City Because Denise is my newest and second online friend whom I wish to meet. I want to see if both of these delightful ladies are as amusing and sincere as they seem online. I am sure they are. As far Barb, I wan to see her many shoes. I know she has hundreds. 
Anyway this was a long after noon for Tasha as she sat in my lap and helped me type and get my "osting" done and my "bog" All the time singing her ABC's and pretending, (Sometimes not pretending) to type the letters on the keyboard. A favorite pass time of hers. 
Kids are wonderful. When was the last time you thought of anything as black and white? We are always into the shades of gray. Things might be this way but, maybe not.  years of living have made us cynical and not trusting. 
yet this changes when we come online. We meet people, and make friends. We blog about personal  things in our lives, somethings we don't tell our pastors or friends in church we will Post to an online friend. Why? Because they are far and cannot tell or do they, because they really live inside this HP of mine and yours, do we feel safer with them?
Social networking ha gotten big, we all Twitter, FB,My space some of us, friendster and twitter friends. 
I am not telling how many applications I am on, I am just saying it is Barb's fault. 
And I do enjoy talking er uh, writing to everyone, I especially enjoy comments on my Blog hint that to bold? 
At the present time, Denise just came out and told me rather sadly that the new king sized bed she just brought for Tasha and her has been invaded. When they were in the queen size, Tasha took up most of it, now that they are in the king size...Tasha still takes up most of the bed and has evicted her mom.  I am going to offer mom some solace, and I am going to remind her she did the  same thing to me when she was three...
My mom was right when she told me: Just wait until you have children of your own, so I did and now so does Denise.
Revenge is sweet.
Do you suppose God planned it this way?

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