Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Sunday

It's Sunday Morning in Charleston, The sun is as confused as I am some days. It can't decided if it is coming out or staying in. Everytime I think it has made up it's mind it goes behind a cloud and peeks out at me, laughing.  I need it to come out, I am short on the vitamin C and at one point I heard that the sun's rays cheer you up. That, the experts say, is why you always feel cheerful on a sunny day as opposed to feeling cheerful on a rainy day.
Me? I have to  always be difficult, I have the audacity to feel cheerful on both days. Shame on me. 
This is my first spring in Charleston. The air is clean after yesterdays rain, it was a magnificent  storm in old world terms. Wind. Rain. thunder. I could in my minds eyes see the ships off Sullivans island tossing in the waves. The kind of rain God uses to clean the air and start us over again. This morning you can feel the crispness in the air. My computer tells me the temp outside my door is 67 degrees,   Natasha  and I lay in her room this morning listening to the birds talking to each other, Tasha wondered about the babies were they warm enough? Where were they? The cat next door can't reach them? I assured hr that none of the about could happen, but not enough as she takes a run outside, forgetting to put on her clothes, after  her bath to see a blue jay sitting on the fence she glimpsed through the bathroom window she forget her clothes including her pull up to greet the birds. A situation I quickly corrected.
Headlines in the Charleston Post and Courier: Streaking Baby Stalks Blue at 11
Just my luck, but luckily she limited her streaking experience to the back yard and hopefully since I am surrounded by retired folks and college kids, they were all either getting ready for church or sleeping it off from last night. So I am safe. I hope. If the county comes by I'll let you know. 
Charleston has more azaleas then any place I have ever seen, almost every yard I have seen has azaleas in them. Not to mention flower boxes, flower gardens at the old mansions and all schools, business and gas stations. My yard has it share, but I say something and smelled something this morning for the first time. When I was picking up my streaking baby, I noticed purple flower petals on my back steps, after depositing Tasha in the kitchen and putting on a diaper as  we are out of pull ups, I looked outside and the yard behind us...the most beautiful Lilac tree, yes tree not bush. The lilacs hung like grapes from the branches full and more importantly, fragrent. You could smell them. How long has it been really since you could really smell the flowers? It seems scents have gotten lost somewhere.  But these I could smell and a distance away. No wonder the birds were singing. 
Charleston is an city in itself, as I look out my window at the wonder that is this city, and think about God's grace to us that we are even here. Not more then 6 months ago was a very different picture. One of us was in an abusive relationship trying to get to safety, one of us found themselves homeless and one of us was trying to hold everyone togther. 
Different world today. Everyone is on their feet, and standing. 
Thanks to God. 
I am not one to preach, and though everyone who reads my blog knows I am a card carrying born again Christian, I am not one to hammer it in. I do a lot of praying to myself and God.
The fact is that is not what this blog is. It is a testimony what He has done in our lives, and He has been great. 
We always have to end up explaining what we are when we say we are Christians. the first thing anyone says to me is Oh My Gosh! Jerry Falwell! Bigot! small minded. Nope. None of the above.
Well  I am not.  I follow a Man. I don't follow a church doctrine. I follow His word. I follow what HE tells me is right. 
I don't believe you can show Gods love with Hatred. I don't believe I can win hearts by being judgemental. 
He says He wants no one to perish. He gives us free will to make our own decisions. 
I am not going to harp on you about yours, (ask me my opinion and you get it so do it at your own risk, but it will be I promise Biblical) but push? No.
I have a lot of Non Christians who read my blog. they know what choices they have made. I am not out to change them or win them but simply let you know all of us aren't bad. Love of God is our primary focus. And yes, Jesus died for you to, it is your choice to do what you want bout that.  I'm praying
Now I promised no preaching and no preaching it is. 
It is now 72 in Charleston, SC I am going out to do yard work (yes, on Sunday it has to be done)
The sun has made up its mind to stay out and smile on us today. 
Tasha need to get out of the house and get some excerise and fresh air.(in her clothes this time) 
She just sat down next to me and said :" I'm Bored." Bored? at three?
nannhy, I need food. I neeeeed Pancakes. 
hmmm not a bad idea.
Pancakes it is.

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