Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's Wednesday

I have always been very friend impaired. I don't make friends easily. I meet people and am friendly, in the first few minutes we talk and then it sort of scales down to a hello and a smile from there on. I don't quite know what to do or say after the initial meeting. 
My brother used to tell me it is because I stole his brownie at a birthday party when we were six and seven. "I put a spell on you," he told me at 13. "you will NEVER make friends you will always be shy". 
Luckily he recanted this when he was 17. But I still don't have the knack for the social things. So of course, I hate doing anything social.
Now if you haven't guessed where I am going with this, let me tell you. This is Wednesday and I am doing the things I love and things I hate blog. My brother Keith and I were a year apart, he was the baby and I was supposed to be the one who was the most responsible. That was actually true, but got me in more trouble then I can even begin to tell about. I was also a great instigator between, well everybody in the family. So, I guess the first thing I hate is:
  • 1: instigators. I was really good at it. My older brother and sister fought all the time, mainly because of me. But I hate to see it today.  And there are some at work. Luckily I am the boss.
  • 2. I love peacemakers, you know the one who comes in and smooths things over. That's not me, but it is my daughter. Denise spent her entire childhood always breaking up fights and keeping the peace between her younger sister and older brother. No wonder she grew up with middle child syndrome. 
  • 3. I hate politics. I really do. Why can't politicians be honest and just tell us they are not going to do anything? We'd just have to decide which party to vote for that is not going to do anything. 
  • 7. I hate Wendy's except for the frosty's
  • 8. I love golden corral. Unfortunately s so does everyone else in the world. A new one has opened here in Charleston and every time we try to go there are lines all the way to the first row of  cars in the parking lot. Although we could wait, Tasha can't so we go to IHOP. Yuk.
  • 9. I hate cooking shows where everything comes out perfectly. I mean doesn't anything ever taste bad or not come out like they expected? Doesn't a guest every say,  I hate mushrooms?
  • Don't they burn anything? guess that is why it is pre recorded.
  • 10. I really love Iron Chef, I like the competition and excitement. More importantly, I like Bobby Flay. I'd wash his dishes anytime. 
So much for my likes and dislikes, this week. last time I did this I received excellent response, I hope to again.
I hope the weather where you are is as great as the weather is here.

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