Friday, April 3, 2009

Random Friday

I stole this idea from a friend and fellow blogger. At first I just stole the idea, well borrowed sounds better and I kept using random titles that didn't sound so  good. So today I am just throwing all caution to the wind and using Zan's title as well as her idea. The good thing is I have known Zan since she was about 10, she grew up with my daughter as best friends and are still close. she is a sweetie, so she won't take me to court. At least I don't think so. If she does I'll tell her mom. 
She's coming to visit us in a few weeks and both Denise and I are looking very forward to it, and Miss Tasha as well. She is probably the most excited of us all to see "mommy's friend Zan.

Yesterday Charleston was pouring rain all day. We actually got 3.5 inches in one day. We had the usual errands to run, so of course we got drenched. Guess who enjoyed it? That's right Miss Natasha. We owe this vast enjoyment of water, rain and puddles to Barney, who does a program on seasons, which is good but one of the segments is on rain, where the kids are happily jumping into puddles and otherwise shown as having a grand old time. 
So of course Natasha feels that Barney, is the man or er dinosaur and she should have equal fun in the puddles. Hence she doesn't miss a one, and even when we try to stop her she finds one we have missed. Barney also didn't tell them(the kids)  that when they jump into the puddles their mom and Nanny on either side get splashed with the wonderful puddle water as well.Neither one of them are wearing boots like you are. I was thinking of boycotting Barney for a minute, but I don't think I could live without hearing at least five times a day I love you you love me....."sigh" I understand it is one of the songs they use to torture PO W's in IRAQ, it always breaks them. I sooo understand.

I visited a blog Mom it Forward that is an wonderful blog about mom's helping moms I had to join it . They are doing so much good in Africa, India, and other countries.  Well to be clear they are supporting agencies that are doing work in those areas.One of the projects they  mention is a bank giving loans to women who might otherwise not be able to get money to even feed their kids. They have several fundraisers coming up and the SITS girls are doing an auction on April 17 to support the group. If you have not visited either one of these blogs, you should. 

Today is April Third, It was Sharon's Birthday. If  you do not know who Sharon is, she is my youngest, eternally 11. She died of complications following heart surgery. Her death was a shock to our family and I find often I am still dealing with it. 
On a happier note, Zan's Sister Angela, who was Sharon's very best friend's and often her partner in crime when terrorizing the big sisters, birthday is today as well.  I have spent some of today well most of today, thinking about these two and another friend named Stephanie. Stephanie was the last one to speak with Sharon outside of the family, they were excited talking about the first day of school and making plans. Angela used to love Barbies and they would play for hours, whispering secrets, giggling. Angela was a giggler. Sharon was bossy and had to be in charge of everything. I wonder often, where she would be today. In the meantime, Angela is having wonderful  things going on in her life, she is planning on getting married in a few months and is really really happy, So Happy Birthday Angela, and many more and I want an invitation to the wedding, You hear?.

Happy Birthday Sharon, In heaven. We miss you. A  Face book friend introduced me to a camp called Comfort Zone Camp, a camp for children who have lost parents or siblings. I wish such a thing had existed then. I could barely cope with my own loss, much less theirs. But we all did cope and are still coping today. But now it is my turn to help others to cope. 

For the last ten minutes Natasha has been alternating between trying to help me type and force feeding me some "tea" she made.  Our teapot for some reason has rust around the bottom ring between the sides and the bottom. I could go to the trouble of  buying  rust o lem or something and cleaning it out, but face it: the teapot costs me 6 dollars at WalMart, I'd almost be insulted if it didn't rust. So I gave it to Tasha who has had tea parties all day with her doll, her cars, her plants the squirrels outside and of course, Barney. 
Tasha has an imaginary friend, although I know this is normal this friend keeps getting her in trouble, next time I "see" her we  will have to have a chat. 
Denise never had imaginary friends, but Sharon did. She would talk to them and busy herself happily. I don't think it is a bad thing, but I know some people do. I do know it increases their vocabulary and is a way to get the anger out, Tasha has told her friend three times this morning how upset she is with Nanny for not letting her:
A. go out side in her diaper (we went through this)
B. Not play on the computer
C. Not play on the computer.
and for good measure:
d. Not play on the computer.
I think it is a good thing she is verbalizing and I get a kick out her telling her friend and her mom on me. But it is important she does and deals with the anger.
Bad Nanny!
I am going to post this really quick and get Tasha down for a rest, she has been up since 10 minutes to six this morning, I know she is tired even though she doesn't know. But it doesn't matter, even if she isn't Nanny is.
Happy TGIF everyone. 
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