Thursday, March 26, 2009

The saga of he Pudding Pop

I promised Natasha this morning she could have a Popsicle after lunch.  I am always amazed at the three year old who cannot remember to close the "fridgerator" as she calls it can remember precisely after finishing her pizza it was now time for a Popsicle. Being she was a good girl today, I gave her a Pudding Pop. 
Now pudding pops have less sugar, and are a little more healthy then Popsicles and more importantly they are chocolate so I gave her one. 
The best laid plans.....
A few minutes after Dora went off, a very sicky and scary chocolate covered hand came over and tried to give me a hug.  As I pulled away after many hugs and kisses I noticed I was also sticky and chocolate covered. Pudding Pop revenge. 
Natasha was covered with Chocolate from head to toe, literally.  I don't know if she got any in her mouth. So  I grabbed a wipe, cleaned her up and sent her on her way. 
A few minutes more she was back, more Chocolate on her face. 
nanny is thoroughly confused now. But I clean her up yet again. 
The third time, I think I am losing my mind. I ask her where she is getting the pudding pops, I check the fridgerator to look for a MIA pudding  pop. No deal.
Confused, boy am I at this point. But it doesn't occur a fourth time so I think I am safe. 
I grabbed the cell phone to call the bank as I was speaking to a Miss Reid, who sounded like she was about three hundred years old and new to the bank I  mean all I wanted to do was check the routing number,  we play 20 questions I sat down on the couch waiting for her to look up (look up your own routing number?!) any way look up the number , I felt cold and wet. Confused, I stood up and peeked over my shoulder and found the offending Pudding Pop. 
"No, nanny", Tasha cried holding out her little hand, "I am saving it for later!"
Sorry love, there is not a later for  this pop has died a natural death. It is melted in three places testifying to the fact she has come back ate some and then replaced it.  exactly three times. 
The mysery is solved, next time check for saved pudding pops. Preferably not on the sofa. 
Kids do funny things sometimes. To Tasha, it was a very natural thing to just put the pop down and save it for next time. Melting is not yet in her consciousness. So she didn't understand that things can be fleeting or temporary. When she wants more, we'll give her another one but i will be carefull to check the sofa before I sit down. 

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