Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All about Charleston, Gators and the Eastr Bunny...

Charleston is cold this morning. It is a chilly 40 degrees, and crisp. The air looks and feels clean but the smell of the marsh permeates Charleston, like a reminder of olden days. When the Harbor was the main source of income for this seaside city. the smell of fish is strong over here because I am five minutes from the marsh. I drive over the bridge to take the kids to work and the marsh sits there quietly reminding us, of what? Of how strong it is? How we once depended o it for Black Marketeers and escaping slaves?Even the marshes have a story here. 
Most often, though except for the smell we just hear about the gators and people who run off the bridge into the marsh in their cars. Not a pretty sight.
Gators, now are different. We thought we'd see them in Florida, but there is a gator who lives in the lake at the park where Tasha plays. We were worried for a minute, then everyone assured us that it was a baby gator and it comes up to the shore then moves on.
I like the moving on part, He can skip greeting us at the shore. 
It is strange to see a sign Don't feed the Alligators, in the middle of  West Ashley, a well populated part of  Charleston.
Like most things, the air is deceptive. The Clear cold beauty is hiding the truth, that the marsh ruins the illusion with the smell, so does our life present the same illusion sometimes. 
But the smell is a part of Charleston, just like the Alligator. 
This is Easter week, everyone is out shopping for Easter bags and like. Tasha will get to see he easter bunny but we are keeping it quiet. 
At Walmart we spent all of five minutes casing Easter Baskets, they are very expensive for what they are: mostly cardboards. So I thought for a minute to make her one. Can't be to hard right?
Well we shall see. 
I started this post this morning, had a little problem and now it is night. I am going to go ahead and post it, after all as scarlett says, tomorrow is another day.....

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