Thursday, May 21, 2009

Once upon a time..Wordless Thursday. almost..

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Natasha, who lived in a world totally her own called Natashaland. Because Natasha, like another baby I know  named Emma on another site, lives  life in her own way is not often fazed by stuff, like a charging billy goat at the petting zoo.


Natasha and her mom, Natasha is 8 weeks old. They are at a place called Peaks of Otter in Virginia. Even at 8 weeks, Tasha didn't like staying home she wanted to be on the go.

Natasha  is three months old. And as you can see she is highly protesting being in her crib. She has life to attend to. 
                                                                   She liked to swim:

And she liked to sunbathe, so we knew she's love the beach

 she was always in style

But before we knew it she was back in the water again....
She is quite the young lady now, But still has a lot to d and cannot be bothered with slow grownups.

Thanks for sharing Natasha
s life with us today. And be sure to visit Natashland again soon.
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