Friday, May 22, 2009

Three Little Girls

Childhood friends are pretty wonderful. I didn't have any, because I lived a pretty secluded life.
But my kids were lucky enough to have some great friends who have grown up to be wonderful adults. 

I twitter or FB some of these friends now and am really proud at how they have grown up. 
One of their friends, is on FB and is a late night friend for me, because she has a very active two year old she tells me about and I smile. 

I met Lori when she herself was two. Her brothers were climbing my cherry tree, I went over to speak to her mom because I had a two year old of my own sleeping in the bedroom that had a window next to the tree. 

It could have been ugly. It could have been nasty. But it was none of those things. Her mom was gracious, and horrified that the boys should disturb us that way. I felt so bad a few days later she was sitting in her front yard with Lori and I went over to apologize for snitching. And so began a 20 something friendship that went on over three states. 

We went through a lot, her mother always being the gracious one, me being a Christian who had to learn  to be gracious, why she put up with me I shall never know.
Our kids played together and Sharon and Lori became very best friends, for the most part. 
Lori was headstrong. But Sharon was head stronger. Lori was tough, but Sharon was tougher.
And Denise was peacemaker.We went to yardsales. We went shopping. We went to parks. Lori in her carseat, and Sharon and Denise in thier booster seats.  

Through it all they grew up more like sisters then friends. 
When they moved to Virginia, we all mourned, but two years later we followed and ended up right in the same town. 
Things changed When Sharon died, Lori remained in our lives and friends to the kids but things changed for all. 
The teen years hit, All the kids went through tough times some harder then others, but all came out on the other side stronger and the kind of kids you are proud of. 
Lori had the hardest time. I remember praying for her and her mom to survive the hard times. 
We drifted apart for a minute, but not far enough so we weren't in touch. We lived in a tiny town.
I remember a friend telling somethings and crying for both of them but unable to do anything but pray.
Teen years are hard for teens, anyway without extras getting involved. 
Two other friends of Denise's are on the board and friends of Eric's, we keep in touch, but the girls are special. 
It was a privilege to sit and watch their teen years. I was very involved in the the teen group at church and got to know them all . But mostly they were at our house a lot. 
Zandria's family would come over on Wednesday's and spend the afternoon, we alternated who cooked dinner. I stole a few of her mom's recipes, I don't know if any of mine were good enough to steal. :)
I prepare them to this very day.
Zandrias mom and i\I share a birthday, and her younger sister Angela and Sharon also shared a birthday. So we felt our families were irrevocably intertwined. and they were for years. 

Denise and Zandria remain close friends and I count this very versatile and energetic young lady in my group of friends as well. She is an anytime friend. And an amazing grownup, as she was a child.

Jeannie was special. As well. Being the oldest sister of a large family, she grew up with such special parents who knew what it was like to be in her place.  Jeannie learned her  wonderful self confidence and perserverence from her mom I am sure, her mom is a special lady and a strong Christian and apparently right on with the BB gun. 

When your kids friends are playing with your kids, you never think about what they will be when they grow up. All of these girls I felt were like my own children. I cried for them, kept them on my prayerlist for years and am so proud of what they have become and what they give tot he world. 

Children don't remain children, they grow up and become adults. 
Lori is my miracle child. She hs overcome the most and made me the proudest. 
She did it on her own and deserves to stand proud. Being headstrong is a good thing.
She had so many childhood friends die in their teen years, yet she went on. 

I think about what would have been different if Sharon had lived, then I realized that God had a plan for all the girls no matter what. He had His hand on them 
What a wonderful new generation He has raised.

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