Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday troubles,,

It is Saturday in Charleston, and as usual the day is busy. Charlestons population does not sit still on weekends, there is always something to do in Charleston.
Denise and I went on our weekly trek to Walmart in our car that has a mind of its own. We were  merrily driving along, when Tasha piped up and said the cars not running. Denise and I laughed then a second later stopped as we coasted to the side of the of the road, looking at each other in credulously. How did she know that?
We sat there for about 5 minutes then the car happily started up again and we coasted into a parking space. 
After shopping, putting the groceries into the car we sat and prayed for a minute hoping very much the car would start, we went on our merry way again.
We have replaced the water pump, the regulator the thermostat, added oil additives, water additives and additives tot he additives and still the car over heats. 
We are looking for a new vehicle, but Deni is a server, they earn their living by their tips, sow we are waiting for her first manager pay check stub to appease the banks who are hard pressed to believe a server makes money. It makes me wonder what they tip. 
Most people in this time tip more then their 20 percent, knowing the what they tip is the servers primary source of income. 
So we are driving home, catching every light of course, something we never do and get to the busiest of intersections and the light is green, we are going to make we are not
We find ourselves stalled out with every car in Charleston behind us.
Denise being a mom is panicky, her only thought is a car barreling down on us and hitting Natasha happily sitting in her car seat. 
I am a little calmer, I know we only have to let the car sit for a minute so, I am busily directing traffic around us with my left hand and reassuring Denise with my right. 
The car did finally start after sitting through two lights and we moved on to home
Tuesday Denise should have a new car, and all should be well.
This has been a major stress point. We will be glad it is over for a minute. 

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