Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Almost moving day, sort of

We have been in the process of moving for two weeks, trying to be organized, packing some everyday, but somehow it seems when it comes down to the day, nothing is done.

I am sitting here with boxes everywhere, while Denise is out getting the hitch for her Bravada, so we can get a trailer and start to load, simple ,right?

Well, as you all know simple is relative and this is me I am talking about so, of course we have issues.

Walmart, who has ever since I worked for them carried trailer hitch, is out of stock. So Denise s driving around looking for one we can afford since our budget was based on walmarts price.

Tasha is dancing to Barney, and has decided she is a princess today. Princesses dance, and laugh and sing, right where Nanny is packing glasses.

Well all wells that ends well, We shall see how the saga goes, tomorrow is Shannon from Welcome to the nuthouse's iinterview Shannon is one of my favorite people, and she is sooo funny..

We're going to find out if she really does live in a nut house....and who the Head nut is,

Everyone have a good Tuesday..I hall be off Wednesday until Wednesday night, so have a good humnp day as well...
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