Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Well it is that time of the week agian, the time of the week where we all degrade ourselves and tell the world the embarrassing things we did last week..

I did not pack the kitchen including the dry goods a week before we moved. We are digging thru boxes for rice and stuff..

I did not put washing detergent in the dryer and wet clothes in the washer, (don't ask how, it's me, remember?)

I did not get the comb stuck in Tasha's hair while trying to comb out a rats or at least a mouse nest. Your kids get them to, come on. She had been out in the pool.

I did not pour salt into the beans without checking to see if the pour sprout was open instead of the sprinkle.

I did not step in a mud puddle and lose my shoe when Tasha and I were walking to Wendy's for a Frosty. We shouldn't have been, we were sneaking out. God got me!

I did not go to the library and miss the slot in the drop box dropping books all over the parking lot:when I got out of the car to retrieve the one I dropped.

I did not eat rice krispies for breakfast and sing the snap crackle pop song.

I did not sing the Potty song with Elmo and Tasha..

I did not go shopping and forget to bring any money.

I did not pour half a bottle of bubble bath in Tasha's bath, I was talking on the phone and not paying attention to and it splattered out instead of dribbling.

I did not lose Tasha's shoes.

I did not squirt a cat with the hose. It was in my backyard and I didn't see it. But I heard it as it spit and split.

I did not lose Denise's cell phone, but I did not find it in the Clean clothes hamper. Go figure.

I did not start a giveaway, I didn't and please join in!

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