Saturday, June 27, 2009

Six things Saturday

I am joining the parade of Moms over at MomDot who particpate in Small Things Saturday, it is a great way to do your blog on a Saturday, since it is really quiet out there on weekends.
Any way I was passin by' stopped in to visit a lot of blogs I haven't been to lately, (sorry I am getting back on track! I will be good) and read Mom Dot's this morning.
I thought what fun! soooo..

The idea is to answer in six, six words, six items six sentences, of course I can't for the life of me say anything in less the twenty, but I am going to try.
today's Six things question is:..
If you had Magical Sunglasses, What six things would you like to see?

1. Sharon my baby..... waving to me from heaven
2. Tasha my grand daughter grown up, for just a minute so I can see how she turns out
3. Snow
4. The winning lottery, I don't play but I would if I knew ht numbers! :)
5. (and this should be first)Jesus
6. the future Not to far, just about a year so I can e prepared...

Don't forget the giveaway click on giveaway for information. Have a special Saturday.

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