Saturday, June 13, 2009

Scuba girl looking to meet her main dolphin

Denise, as you know is into the online dating scene. For all of you married Moms out there, hold your man closer and just listen to some tales of humor, amazement and downright incredability. Then thank God you have your prince charming.

Headline: The best of both worlds, this young man was a cross dresser.
Headline: Lets explore the net together: porno king
Headline: I'm your teddy bear: 325 pounds of bear.
headline: I am searching the net for my sweetie: Not going into it, but he needs to just keep searching.

Her first initial phone call with I'm all you need went something like:
Hey Denise, if you play your cards right you can be the one or me.
To which she responded and if you play your cards right, you won't get voted off the island.

I used to wonder what the story is about online dating. More and more people are doing it, bu from what Denise is coming across I have having trouble believing the Eharmony Ads.

One gentlemen she met online turned out to be someone she waited on in Denny's all the time.

His profile said he was sophisticated suave and a host of other things she knew not to be true. When she met him in the restaurant the next time she told him she had seen his profile to which he blushed and mumbled something about he didn't really "play that game"

I remember in the old days, the bad pick up lines, The guy sitting in the entryway waiting for you to come down.

The blind date, your surprise when the guy your friend said was perfect for you turns out to be this guy in the picture, so you wonder What on Earth is my Friend thinking. Worse still, shat does she think of me/

Dating is one of those rites of passage. I think it is a barbarian rite of humans. Why do we go through this looking for our prince charming?

I suppose that dating online is not any different from dating anywhere else. We have our on target guys and the nerdy guys, and the beefy good looking guys, just like the real world.

Did you ever wonder why the nerdy guys seem to be in the majority? Maybe we are missing something.

I have a friend who married a nerdy type who started a company in his garage during collage as a joke. She got teased all th time she was dating him. No one is laughing now. The company was brought out by Best Buy, and millions of people around the country call on them to fix their computers. They are called the Geek Squad.

Gives you a different perspective, doesn't it?

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