Friday, July 17, 2009

Random thoughs on a Friday

Hello Everyone

What a Week! Eric has had a toothache all week, he finally had it pulled not one, TWO, he was pretty much a lot more miserable after the pull then before. But he survived an all is well.

Tasha has changed personalities on me. She started playing with a friend who has a little bit of a mouth, and has inherited it. She informed me last night that She was going to watch Wow Wow Wubbsis on Noggin, no matter what I thought. she said:" I am not going to bed, I am going to watch this until its off,"

She sat down thinking she had made her point, but was quite surprised to find herself picked up and placed between the blankets and pillows about 30 seconds later. She tried the crying bit, she tried the PlEEEEEaaSE it's my favorite show Nanny bit, then she was afraid of "thunders" as she calls it bit and in the middle of all this she went to sleep.

Who cares about the terrible twos?, its the tumultuously threes I have issues with. Too bad for Tasha, I have gone through it three times before, although she has much more of a hard head and steel personality then her mother and uncle.

Children go through such stages in their growing up years, I know it is a stage, in about six months she will wake up as sweet as she used to be, as if nothing has ever happened.

I wonder, often, what signals changes in kids and adults?. We grownups can be as moody as we want to be, why can't kids? Will they can and are. So proves Tasha.

So starts a new adventure in child rearing...

We went to a pawnshop yesterday, Denise made a wonderful deal, three TV's for 70 dollars, I am quite proud of her and now we all have TV;s. Isn't that the American way?

So I have to get to work, I recieved a hugh Avon delivery this morning, I have to deliver it. Thats the best part.


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