Monday, July 27, 2009

Life, goes on

This was the first sound I heard this morning, People are surprised that it doesn't bother me. It doesn't. I love to hear the sound of our guys arriving safely back, or just doing what they do. Tasha and I sit outside and watch the planes take off and land. It brings us closer the soldiers, in some ways. I always pray for them
We think about the soldiers when we see something about the news on TV, but I live so close to the base, I think and pray for them a lot.
It's hard not to when they are flying over your head. Day and night. smile.

I went walking with Denise this morning, sort of. I mean she was doing a walk-run and I was doing a walk, that got slower and slower. I was determined to make it though, but Denise got worried when I was writer then a sheet and seemed out of breath. I don't work out near as much as I should. I am going back to the Gym. the thing is in the gym I work out on machines, that strengthen my upper body, and such. But I need to do a little more weight training.

Any way, it started out bad enough. Denise showed up in her red running pants, and fancy workout shoes, lookiong like she just stepped out of fitness magazine. I had on jeans and a blouse. After making me go back and change, she was unhappy that I wasn't wearing warm up pant, but still in my jeans and a walmart shirt.
Well, she said loose, fitting. I have some furry warm up pants I brought from Sam's club last fall, for sleeping not running and no, i am not going to be seen in public in these.
We discussed this for about a minute, Denise shrugged and gave up, even Tasha was unhappy with me. But we survived, we started out and Denise left me in the dust before we were down the block This really doesn't look good, but I am going to keep plugging even if she is in the next city before i get to the end of the block, and she almost was.

Luckily she slowed down, I didn't pass out, and we walked about a mile. I am carrying a bucket for the perspiration dripping off me,( well, so ,not really) Denise is looking like she just stepped out of the shower.(really)
This whole scenario needs work.
Tomorrow when w do it again, she cheerfully tells me, I will be better.
Tomorrow when we do I again, I hope I can make it to the end of the block.

Life goes on...

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