Friday, July 24, 2009

Random Friday

I have been so busy this week, it has been crazy! I am also working under a looming deadline of 100 articles by the 27, my client has been great but I really need to finish on time, so I am pushing. I have 40 to go, that's 10 a day for 4 days. It sounds better that way.

Tasha has (excuse the crassness) gone poopy in the potty! Yeah! all it took was moving the potty chair to the living room, Dora and the promise of a ice cream cake. I know, bribery.

I was reminded I still haven't finished my 100 I am going to do today 10 things about my family....and me.

1. I have a total of 9 brothers and sisters, 6 which have passed to heaven.

2. My parents, grandparents and both favorite aunts, and youngest daughter are all with my siblings.

4. Natasha was born at 1am on a sunday morning.

5.I am a breast cancer survivor

6 I hate fish, but love seafood

7. I was raised by my grandmother

8. Denise was born after 18 hours of labor and she popped into the world by C section.

9. Eric, is adopted because the doctors told me I would never have children, after several miscarriages

10 I love roller coasters, I can drive a forklift, and climb a 15 foot ladder with ease,but I am extremely afraid of heights.

onuse: I hate crossing bridges too

This is what we are doing for denises next wedding:

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