Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rerunning a interview.....Carey

Today was supposed to be another interview from Simone over at chocolate coered daydreams but we must have gotten our wires crossed soo I am reruning Caryey's from life in the Carpool land..Carey bless her heart, didn't get a fair shot because my computer was down and ihad to hastily post it from the library....

Questions, for "Interview"

Today we have Carey from "Life in the Carpool lane visiting us, ive her a big hand! Take a bow Carey! Thank you for Visiting, Have a cup of coffee? Oh, no thank you! I’ve never liked the taste of coffee. (My mom, who must drink it daily or she turns into a 3-headed beast from the depths of the blackest swamp, is requesting DNA testing. She’s pretty sure I’m not hers.)

Cream or Sugar?

Cookie? Suger or Chocolate Chip? I’m horrible at making decisions. Maybe just a half of each?

I like the name of your Blog "Life in the Carpool lane" How did you come up with it

Your new badge is great to, !

Thank you. I kind of decided to start the blog on a whim. The boys were down for a nap and I actually had a whole three minutes to myself. I sat with my computer on my lap and was brainstorming titles. At one point I said “life in the fast lane” and then I snorted and thought, “Ha! More like ‘life in the carpool lane’!” And I knew I had it!

You tell wonderful stories about your boys, Logan and Jack, Logan just had a Birthday how does it feel with the two of them growing up?

The parenting saying ‘the days are long but the years are short’ runs through my head at every birthday, milestone, holiday, “first,” etc. I can’t believe that my boys are 3 and 4. How did that happen?!?!?!

What does your husband think of your popularity? Does he read your blog?

He reads it daily and sometimes pipes up in the comments. He’s been ridiculously supportive. He surprised me by buying me my own domain name and he’s helped so much with the technical coding of my site. Last week, because Mr. Linky wasn’t working and I was starting a new carnival, he built me a widget so readers could leave links on my carnival post. Who knew it would pay to be married to a geek?!?!?!

Everyone I am interviewing has taught me something, You taught me about putting my personality into my blog, The first post I read of yours was

" Girls in White Satin" The second one was you Not me Monday for that week.I felt like I ws reading a friend, What would you suggest for new bloggers.?

First off, I can’t believe you remember the first posts you read of mine. I’m touched…and thinking that you might be a bit crazy. Anyway, as for suggestions to new bloggers, I feel like I’m still pretty new at this (my blog is 6 months old) so I’m not sure I’m qualified to be giving out advice. I guess I can offer up two things:

I find it’s easier to “get into” a new blog when their side column(s) have a couple details that make reading their posts easier. For example, if a post mentions that Suzy just graduated and there is a picture of a cute 5 year old girl labeled ‘Suzy’ in the side column then I’m not left wondering if Suzy just graduated from preschool, high school or college. I guess I like it when the details in the side column(s) help put posts in context.

You mentioned that you felt like you were reading a friend when you read some of my posts. Well, I tend to write like I’m talking to a friend. I guess it’s just my style because I used to do it in old journal entries too. I try to be honest and humorous and often use the strikethrough feature and a smaller font, like I’m whispering something to a friend. Hopefully, it makes my readers/blog-friends feel like I’m carrying on a conversation with them.

Have you figured out where are the people who are following you are going?

Nope…still no idea!

What would you like to share with us ?

I make my boys share everything so I guess I should lead by example and share with you. But you can’t have my half cookies. Oh, that’s not what you meant by ‘sharing?’ Ummm, I’m feeling a bit bloated. What? Not that either?

Well, of course, I’d like to shamelessly plug the weekly summer carnival I started to help keep mamas as sane as possible, Tuesday’s Tips for Summer Survival.

What book are you reading Now?

How I wish I could read like I used to…uninterrupted by needy children. It takes me forever to finish a book these days. Anyway, I’m reading Lost on Planet China by J. Maarten Troost. It’s listed as a travel book but it’s not exactly going to help you find the best karaoke bar in Beijing. It’s one man’s very humorous and honest take on all things Chinese. I tend to go back and forth between quick girly reads, the same two parenting books (you’d think I’d give up on them because my boys are still wild but no…I keep hoping the magic solution will fall out of the pages and land in my lap), books that take place in China and books about the way we eat and the effects on our health and the environment (which is also ironic because I could a diet and exercise plan).

When do you type your blog?

Generally at night after the boys have gone to sleep. Sometimes I might start something while they are napping. (Hallelujah for naps!) I have a horrible memory though so I sometimes hand-write stuff down throughout the day.

How do you get your ideas

My boys are great fodder for my blog. It took me awhile before I got the hang of paying close enough attention throughout the day to see that there was great material happening right in front of me. It’s also a great way to get perspective on a situation. When I recently had my terrible Monday and one thing after another went wrong all day long, I was frustrated and overwhelmed but I also realized what a great blog post it would make.

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