Monday, July 6, 2009

Not me Monday

The winner of my giveaway is Debbie from "On the refridgerator door" Debbie Congratulations and thank you for entering my giveaway. I emailed the information you need for geting your AVOn..
Now to my little Not me stuff...

I did not lock the keys in the truck at FAmily Dollar. I had to pop the rear door, climb over into the back seat, reach over the front seat and pop the locks, because of child proof locks in the back. The people in the white SUV next to me had a blast.

I did not spray over cleaner all over the oven then forget to clean it. I know our old landlord loved that!

I did not spend two hours getting a nice blaze going on a pile of leaves I was buring only to have a Charleston monsoon put it out in 10 seconds.

I did not give Tasha a peanut butter sandwich for dinner, because I had sprayed the oven and couldn't cook.

I did not, even though Denise and I promised ourselves we wouldn't do this, spend the last few hours of our move stuffing last minute items into garbage bags, and small boxes; we now have s significant amout of misc bags and boxes to go through.

I did not dance to Stayin' alive with Tasha, then turn to the toddler music channel and sing silly songs with her. (see a pattern emerging?)

I did not on my first night in the new house do battle with Charleston's famous flying roaches as they dashed out of the chiminey and flew through the living room.

I did not spray oven cleaner on them, and bleach cleaner before smashing them with my shoe.

I did not let Tasha stay up late and watch Noggin as a treat because we have gone three months without television.

I did not rush in here( new houe) and put up the computer first thing so I could go on about being addicted....

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