Sunday, September 13, 2009

Charleston Fall, Yo Gabba GAbba..Random Sunday

Charleston woke up this morning in a haze. The first sign I have that fall is here, is not the changing leaves, or a chill in the air: although it is less warm, but the wonderful haze and mist that drifts over Charleston every morning, a little like what my mother used to call "angel tears" because it is a soft mist. Just obscuring your vision as you drive slightly, and making you turn on your wipers intermittently rather then all of the time.

The mist along with the wonderfully horrible smell of the Marsh, that waifs over Charleston along with the early morning smell of fish as the fishing boats unload their catch, all tell me welcome to fall in Charleston. Thats right Charleston smells. The entire city reeks of Marsh life and freshly caught fish. But if you eat in just one of our safood resturants, you get over the smell quickly.

I was thinking this morning how much of summer I actually missed. The truth is I don't know how I missed it I was here, but so wrapped up in working, always thinking I had tomorrow to do something, the summer slipped away and it is almost the middle of September.
You would think I would know better. me of all people who woke up one morning with two children instead of three should remember the fleeting value of time. Especially with the lives of our love ones.

So today is Sunday, I have for many Sundays been wanting to do so many thing. It is a shame to live in a city like Chuck Town and not enjoy it, and tomorrow is promised to absolutely no one.
remember that.

But I am not going to be all serious, this is a Non blogging day and I know everyone is at church and with family, well most everyone is. I'm not, not that I am playing hooky today,..oh OK, yes I am playing hooky. Denise is working a double shift because her Denny's is having the honor of hostin the Rev. Jesse Jackson in a publicity stunt. I won't go there and how I feel about a man who is supposed to be a man of God using a restaurant to raise Money for...well, never mind.

So Today, I am dedicating to Tasha. The grownups in Tasha's life love her to death but so much so, we often get to busy providing for her and making sure she is safe and happy, we forget to spend time with Tasha just listening to her.

Tasha has a lot to say, and has no problems saying it. She told her mom yesterday she wanted to go to the petting zoo, it had been a long time since she had been there. she told me her mom was going to see a friend and I had to take care of her. Period. I guess there are no choices in Tasha's life. It is still black and white no shades of gray.

But this morning Tasha told me about Tudi on Yo Gabba Gabba, Now I am not a fan of Yo Gabba Gabba I think it is one of the strangest shows on TV, but kids are like sponges and absorbed.
Tasha has had a problem with bugs. She hates flies, she hated ladybugs. She was bitten by fireants so all ants are bad.
But, as was explained to me today, Tudi didn't like bugs. She was scared and didn't want to pick them up. and Tudi was crying. Tasha really related to this. So, the Yo Gabba Gabba crew of robots, carefully explained how bugs were good for the earth (no, I don't understand this since they are supposed to live in outer space) but any way, Tasha told me that bugs were our friends and because Tudi wasn't afraid anymore, she wont beeither. So we met a fly, and all she said was Hi fly instead of Shoo Fly go away from me, which I taught her to say.

I sat and listen to this whole saga of Tudi and bugs, including Tasha's rendition of "Don't be afraid" a song that resonates in my head for hours after I hear it: and I became thoughtful.

Children pick up so much, I always thought Tasha would outgrow the fear of bugs, if we were just patient,but Tudi cured her. We really do have to pay attention to what our kids watch, it effects them. So,my campaign to kill yo Gabba Gabba is on hold because he aparently does good in an annyoying way, and thank Tudi for her fear of Flies.

Happy Sunday All, and I shall stop Rambling...


The Picture is "the end of anothr day and the beauty that surrounds us"

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