Friday, September 4, 2009

Childhood dramas or tramua

Denise got one of her first parental shocks this week. She found Tasha sitting on the floor among shards of sheared hair. SCissors in hand.Denise did what any strong, loving tough, fair minded, minded mom would do.
She cried.
Tash's hair is like her crowning glory. It is long, thick, soft and beautiful. The only time it is annoying iswhen you are combing it out and it has somehow gotten tangled, Then I feel like cutting it off myself.
I didn't have the heart to tell her this was just the first of many child induced tears.

For instance: The time Eric wanted to help his dad with the BBQ and threw additional fluid it on the already burning coal, and singed his eyebrows off his face.

For Instance: the time Denise and Eric decided to jump off the roof of the garage while paying, something right now I don't remember what. I just remember children flying through the air.
After picking up my heart off the floor, I went over to see them only to find them giggling.
I almost went to bed for a week.

For instance: Eric calling me from a park to tell me he was playing spotlight and was stuck in a train tunnel and was calling me to say good by. I yelled at him to get out of that tunnel or I would kill him, then jumped in my car to drive to the park only to find no one there. They went calmly back to their friends house for snack. And to discuss thie adventure, fter getting out of the tunnel. After seeing the tunnel and where he was, he almost did die that day twice, once by train and once by mom, , and I almost went to jail. After I hugged him of course.

For instance: Denise going skiing, and slipping and shattering her knee. Her dad called me described her symptoms and asked me if he should take her to the hospital. No, I said, we'll do the surgery at home. Score one for sarcasim. The interesting thing is as she was explaining to me the accident, she never actually got on skis, but was injured while putting them on, to add insult to injury, the young man trying to help her up in his concern, dropped his skies on her head making it almost comical if it hadn't been so tragic. He felt horrible, but all I could do was laugh.
When he came up to me miserably to apologize at church the following Sunday I assured him it was all right, but still giggled.Stress I guess. He finally saw the humor in his fumbling over her trying to help her up and taking her out with his skis instead. No harm done. But she survived, I hope he did. The knee still gives her some trouble even until today, but she still likes to ski.

Did you every wonder how kids survive childhood? Better yet, how do we? With a sense of humor thats how.


Childhood survivors

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