Saturday, October 31, 2009

I am soooo :Lucky

I am taking another day off from Momdot, because I haven't anything to contribute to the postings...but go visit it is a great one and should be lots of fun..

One of my favorite bloggers is "mocha Dad"  In among thousands of "Mommy Bloger's" we have daddy bloggers but we don't really hear a lot about these vallantly dads who have made their mark. Some of their blogs are very intersting and restore my faith in well Dadhood and some just reinforce it.

Mocha Dad reinforces it. He is a strong Christian Father, who loves his kids and wife and writes about revelant issues in todays world.

He wrote a post called "Taxicab Confessions" it is not his most recent, but a lot of times I like to read back through older posts of blogs just to see what I missed.

This one is the story of a man, the cabdriver who moved to Canada from somilia He tells stories of a life of hardship and fear VS minor things such as name calling here and what impacted me was, I do worry about whether or not people like me....when in the whole scheme of life they have a right not to, and people are starving in Somilia and i shuld better wast my time worrying about ow to get those children fed.

At the end of the line, that person will still not like me, but maybe if I get one child fed, that child will have a better future.. What a revelation for me in my selfish little world.

It is funny, it is sad, it is eye opening, i made me realize how luck I am.
We frequently forget the large things when we are so inundated with small things.

Sharon's Bears is my new tore I am opeing up online. I am working on the website, but I have a squiddo page and a button on the sidebar over there , look to you left...right there see it? Yes it is right there under the one marine buttion...Good Job.

Proceeds from purchse of a bear for me goes to the American Hear association and Than You soldier foundation. Again, in my selfish world I can't bring Sharon back, but maybe I can stop another parent from feeling the horrible grief of losing  child.....

And so.......Life goes on..

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