Sunday, November 1, 2009

The month of November is going to be busy

Well, since I don't have anything else to do, I joioned the NaNoWrMo group above to write a novel, 50,000 words in i month the month of November. I have a plot that has been in my head for years, getting it on paper has always been the difficult issue, so this month I am going to do it.
Now it would seem easy enough, except I am also doing Hubpags 30 hubs in 30 days challege as well as my usual faith writers weekly in between I am going to sleep and cook Thanksgiving dinner. Go figure.  When I do I over do.

Thanksgiving is this month, so on top of everything i think I have to cook. How can I getout of that?

I have been thinking about Thanksgiving a lot of thought this year, I have a lot to be thankful for. The least being I am fairly healthy, there have been many years that has not been a fact.

We get ourselves in a rut, of thinking how bad things are, and suddenly they get worse. We want God to work things out our way, and nothing seems right to us if they are worked out his way, because we want our way.

My life has changed over the years, in ways I didn't expect. I waited everyday for years to be prepared for Sharon's last day, before the surgery the doctors kept telling us it was only a matter of time..then she had the surgery and was supposed to live...but God called her home only two weeks later. Why? I don't know, it seem like a colossal joke he played on me, I couldn't figure it out for years, and years later after cancer, a seperation from my kids, other catastrophes in my life, I realized it wasn't a joke but something I walked through to help othe parents who lost their children, other women with breast cancer, other abused children, i have answers many others don't.....because I have been there.

So the next time you are going thorough something, and praying God to release youf rom it remeber some days, you just have to go through it, becuse what He has on the other side is more wonderful then you can imagine.

Also, others will need you to walk them through it, and helping someone else, is truly a joy.

And so it goes
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