Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tiem Flies when you are having fun

May your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions.

This quote is from a blog I follow and I certainly suggest you hop over and read it. It is a wonderful treatise on making resolutions. and I like his take on it.  You should read 
Coffee with Marty anyway, The Author is insightful, funny and a delight to read. I believe he is an author or headed that way, if he isn't he should be. I'll bet his mother is quite proud. 

I have read a lot of blogs and articles about New years they all center about making resolutions
and I have decided I am not going to. Making decisions for tomorrow is hard enough with it being the whole year, so I just thought about what I would like to change Next year. 

I am going to get my book published if I can stop crying from the rewrites and cuts I am doing. 

I want to feel better so I am going to eat better. I won't promise you won't ever see me at  a  Chick filet having a milkshae just that it won't be as offten. 

I want to grow my business, that takes work and I am ready to do it. 

I want to volunteer more. 

And I want to grow my relationship with God, I want everyone to know everything I do is for him. That may not know that now, but they will next year.

I could say things such as, I want to smile more, be more friendly, etc, but that really isn't me and it just isn't going to happen. 

Memories: gauging time 

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