Friday, January 1, 2010

2010, didn't they write a book about this?

A brand New Year with nothing written on it! Anything new is exciting, remember how when you were a child getting the new pad of paper or the new book, with nothing written on it was sooooo exciting. You couldn't wait to fill up the pages with new things, new stories new

When I sit down to work on my book and stare at blank pages, I think of the words I m about to write that are going to bring forth new lives in the make believe, and I can make them do anything I want. Not so in the real world, of course. But writing has me excited, I always loved to write, nowit has more meaning.

So now I get to write on the new year, with new adventures that I am not expecting and surprises I can't wait to see.

Well, Thats fine you think, but nothing ever happens to me..

No? Hmm, well nothing ever happens to me either. Oh wait, I wrote a book. Never in a million years did I think I could do that. but I did and more excitly it is going to get published. WOW. I have my own business, I certainly didn't think I could do that, but I did. So maybe writing on the new year will not be dull as in pass years, maybe I will write something new and exciting, something I never thought would happen in amillion years. I am looking forward to 2010.

I got a new follower sometime last night, I am always excited to have a new follower because I don't have very many. So as usual, I ran and checked  to see who it was, and right from the start something was wrong.

For one thing it was a man, and though that isn't unusual there are daddy bloggers, this one was a photographer. I didn't like that, I checked his other sites and they seemed to be blocked for "adult" content. I really didn't like that. So I checked his twitter and the first post he had was something from  TD. Jakes, nice cover but I go with my feelings. I blocked him and removed all pics of Tasha.

It may have been harmless and lucky for me, my business blog with any personal information is not connected to my personal blog, but we have pics of Tasha on the web in several different places, I do and her mom does and uncle does, not to mention her dad. For a minute reality of the world sunk in.

We keep Tasha very protected, she is never alone, and though I am sure she is safe as we can keep her, chance steps in quickly I hope  others are. If you post pictures of your children on your blog be careful of your followers.

I belong to a blog MomDot Trisha the Admin has gone through a lot with cyber stalking and I remember one post she made that sent a chill don my spine, she mentioned she had  software that showed her one day her daughters picture had been uploaded. Why would someone do that,? We know why.

There are ways to protect your pictures, and all of us download pictures of our families and childre, No one has the right to take this from us.

Keep a eye on new followers, if you feel for any reason they don't have a legitimate reason to be following your blog or it seems strange they might, block first investigate. I'd rather apologize red faced, then suddenly find unacceptable pics of my granddaughter on the web.

Now, I am not trying raise alarms I am just relaying a concern.

There is nothing more in world I rather talk about then Tasha, so the whole thing made me upset. But I am a fighter, no one is going to invade my rights to be a bragging grandmother.

No sireeee not me

And so it goes......

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