Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dear Someone..

Dear Natasha

I know your birthday is coming up in a little while, three weeks two days and twelve hours to be exact. I know because you have told me no less then 33 times each day along with what you want for your birthday. Did we just do this in December? I think we did.
I am looking forward to your birthday, but only because I want cake and ice cream and cannot have it on any other day. But please don't remind me again you want a WII. I think I have it ingrained in my brain.

Dear Mailman:
Whatever happened to neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night? I really didn't appreciate you sitting in your warm, cozy mail tuck writing out one of thoses little pink slips for a package's that is smaller then a breadbasket, just because you didn't want to get out in the pouring rain. As it turns out th package was important, and I had to go all the ay to the post office in the pouring rain and retrieve it. Next time remember, you get paid to get wet, I don't.

Shortmama has a great Dear Somebody list...I don't today, but run over there and read where she has told her whole family off...thats always fun..Family of Shorts

oh and one more:

Dear Navy and Airforce pilots who keep flying over my head with your fighter jets and HUGE C-17's at all hours of the night....just one thing to say to you...

YOU GO GUYS! and thanks for what you are doing. I can sleep later, when you are all home safe.

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