Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dear Somone

Dear 2010:
Don't think I haven't noticed that you are starting out jusl like 2009. Tasha has a cold, I have a cold, Denise's blood pressure is up rediculously and Erich has some serious issues with his stomach.

And you call yourself the new year.

Well, Missy, for your information 2009 started out the same way. You can't fool us! For a minute we thought we were going to have to live through 2009 again with the sniffing and sneezing, but we figured it out as 2010 because this year Tasha can wipe her OWN nose. Mostly Last year she coldn't.

Although 2009 was supposed to be my year and it wasn't, 2010 will be and I am going to accomplish all the things I promised in 2009 and 2010, no matter they are the same things.

I am going to lose 20 pounds, get my diabetes under control as well as the rest of my health issue and my business is going to become profitable.

O love you, 2010, because I now have a expanse of 360 days to write a whole new life on and I can't
So it's okay you came in with thermonitors and aspirin. We are going to lick that and start on a whole new life trip.

Watch out or us, 2010, we are not going to take this year sitting down.

Dear Tasha:
You are going to be four this year and a whole lot of new things are going to happen to you, Nanny just has some things to say to you:

Stop picking on the cat. cats get mean  when she is growling at you, this is definitely not a good thing. This is especially not good if you are poking her int he ribs trying to make her purr. Stop poking.  Run.

Everyone is not nice. Don't talk to people you do not know without mom, Eric or Nanny with you.  tell them you have to find your Nanny before you can even say hello. the RUN. Run straight to Nanny because I promise you,  I will be there. Always.

There are other veggies besides spinach and cauliflower.
Really there are, and they taste yummy. Since at this point the only veggies we know you will eat is spinach cauliflower and sometimes when the moon is in the fifth quadrant green beans. Let me tell you abou wonderfull veggies like corn, peas, carrots...all different colors and flovors. Be adventurous! try a new veggie.

Like I said, this is going to be a smashing new year.

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