Saturday, January 9, 2010

Small talk six: ^ of your most vivid childhood memories

Small Talk Six six vivid childhood memories. I didn't have a vivid childhood, so this will be a little hard for me but I will try.

1. I remember going to my first Renaissance faire ( I was big into this stuff)
It was a camping trip, you have to be dressed in period costumes, and just try to go to a outhouse in a 1600 costume. I remember my dress was copied from Queen Mary of Scotland, many many petticoats and a truss. I was 14.
Later I changed to Civil War Reenactments, clothes were easier.

I remember Elementary school graduation, a boy I had liked forever asked me to sit with him at the movies, I was so excited I had a Asthma attack. right there. He never asked me again, luckily we went to different Juniot high

I remember when we first moved to California, I couldn't believe how big everthing was. everyone teased me about my accent, coming from a little southern town it was hard to navigate the streets, and all the traffic.

My first communion, I was 12,  I was catholic got to wear a white dress with a veil, I got my own lttle missal,  a white bracelet and necklace. I walked importantly  down the center  aisle of the church,  tripped, fell and reached out to catch the the girl in front of me to stop my fall. knocked her off balance and she sat there sobbing in front of allllll the people. While I stood there holding her veil in my very embarrassed hands
I am now a baptist.  :)

Going on a school field to a mission San Juan Batista, being sooo impressed with the mission it was gorgeous, I came home in wonder that I didn't have any mishaps. Tripped getting off the school bus.

Again when I was 12, teasing my brother and his girlfriend until he got so mad he locked me in the basement, and forgot me. My other brother came looking for me for dinner and I was sitting on the basement stairs crying because I thought I was going to be down there forever.

See? Very Boring Childhood.

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