Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beautiful Thinga Happen

Today is my youngest daughters birthday. It should be a happy dy, but it isn't. It isn't because we are celebrating her birthday here, she is celebrating with Jesus.
It took me a minute to remember God was in control, and although this is the worst thing to happen to me, being in heaven has to be the best thing for her.
Sheila Walsh's book put me in perspective about a lot of things, mostly how to remember to trust God.
Did you ever question God’s ability to catch you when you fail? Do Shame, fear and brokeness keep you from fully trusting God. Do you secretly believe your dreams are unreachable? You are not alone.
And so starts the Journey of Sheila Walsh, sharing how she battled her way from depression with faith and love for her Lord.
Sheila shares some very personal experiences of her life in Darkness and light, and how she overcame.
Then shows us through the teaching of Tabitha, David, Paul and others who teach us that in spite of overwhelming
circumstances just one trusting encounter with Christ puts beautiful things in motion. And as she does this she draws a parallel between her life and theirs. I have never personally compared my life to a Biblical character and myself, but the way she did it brought a new revelation in how the Bible affects us. So often we read it as a third person instead of God giving us examples of our own lives.
When I walked away with this new revelation, it gave me a much more personal and closer feeling to the Characters in the Bible.
The book itself is masterfully  written, with  personal insight and compassion. I could feel her pain and triumph.
I recommend this book highly to everyone who has ever suffered the darkness, whether you are going through it or are have come out, damaged. It is a reminder of the one who is in control.
It is the story of our lives, and how He has promised us we will overcome. Sheila shows us He is worthy of the trust we put in Him. He is definitely in control.
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