Monday, November 25, 2013

Kids, tears and Hello Kitty.

Children are a gift from God. No, really they are. I understand if you are reading this after you have locked yourself in your room from being terrorized by your two year old.

Or, are standing between two siblings as they try to go  knock each other out.  The gifts may seem not so gifty.(okay, not a word)

Tasha has been going through a "crying" spell. This means, every time we look at her cross-eyed: she breaks into tears.

The latest episode being her Breakfast with Santa excursion. She came home quite proud of having her face painted, like Hello Kitty ,(Our Currant Favorite feline) and so went through the day perfectly happy until bath-time. There she got the horrible news, Not only does she had to wash her face, (traumatic enough in itself) but most likely "Hello Kitty" would go the way of the washrags and soap. This little bit of knowledge cause tears, hysterical, pitiful begging, pitiful looks and, well, you get the picture.

She came to me looking devastated and told me she did not want to wash her face, looking at me hopefully, tearfully wanting me to intervene Wisely I  sent her back to her Mom: she was not going to get me in trouble.

And so it went, until finally it sunk in it was not working and she took her bath rather sullenly. Her  Mommy gave her a talking to. I do not know what she said, but a happy normal little girl returned in 2 seconds, flat  she was smiling.

I suspect she said something to the effect she(Tasha)  would be going to bed early, like NOW, if she did not get over it. Get over it she did.

I wish I could recover as fast.

The thing is, kids are kids. If you have never experienced such an episode, you are extremely lucky.

Most kids get moody, whiny, tearful and, well, bratty.

We all have our days, I was feeling pretty bratty myself this morning, when I found out we were out of my coffee.

But Kids are a gift. Ours is healthy, happy (most of the time) loving, smart and well, cool. She says and does amazing things.

We would not trade her for the world. Well not today, anyway.

Sharon and Eric fought constantly. Sharon's favorite past time was getting her brother in trouble. When asked why, by her older sister; she replied "It's my job as a baby sister."

She did her job well. I have to think, had she lived she would have been president or CEO of something. She was relentless.

I remember thinking, I would give anything to have five minutes of peace and quiet. Just five minutes not to hear "Mom! Eric took my doll," Or "He won't let me play."  Always tearfully.

I always thought when the silence came I would appreciate it. But when the silence did come, much sooner then I expected. It was devastating. I would give anything to get the shouting back.

Children are a gift from God. A gift he can call home anytime. Enjoy your gift. Stock up on tissue.
Enjoy the ride.

Keep the faith.

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