Thursday, April 17, 2014


Another year has come and gone.  I am one year older. I have run the gambit on birthdays. From the child’s excitement of being a year older, to the teens waiting for 18 so I could be grown. Then waiting for 21. Remember? At 21, everything was going to be all right because I could do what I want. Growing up is overrated.

I went through years of denying I even had a birthday, but finally have reached the point where I am resigned to it. Birthdays come and go. The only consistent thing is you are one year older. Did you learn anything from the last year? Well,,,
I learned no matter how carefully I check the lines at Wal-Mart; I am always going to get behind the person that; has coupons for every item, can’t find one of the coupons, so has to search through her hundreds of coupons to find the one that is MIA. They will need three price check and have to change one item because it is not the right one on the coupon: their debit or credit card will be expired and they will have to write a check and search for their ID

All of the other lines I rejected will have cleared three times.

Every red light I encounter will catch me.

My local Gas station sees me coming and raises prices immediately 5 cents a gallon more than it was the day before when I saw it. 

GPS’s well are fickle.

I learned to trust my instincts, and not let anyone tell me to ignore my feelings.

I learned that trucks and cars find my daughter and like to run into her. Luckily, she is never hurt, but is does baffle me that she is continually in the wrong place at the right time.
I also have learned my daughter is my hero. she has more patience and love for people then anyone I know. I probably would have a jail sentence in place for some of the people she forgives.
She rocks.

I learned that true friends do exist. Longtime friends that are always there, rather or not I speak to them on regular bases.

A bargain is not a bargain. Buying something from a truck on the side of the road is probably not a good idea.

Giving money to the homeless is an awesome thing to do.

The best giving is when you give or do something and expect nothing in return
because if it is not appreciated, it's ok.

Grand kids rock.

So to start another year…I hope your birthday, whenever it is,  is AWESOME..

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