Monday, April 14, 2014

Musing while sitting in the school parking lot...

I love spring. The temperature are not too cold and not too hot. There is a breeze off the water you can feel anywhere in the city. Another thing you can see and smell is the marsh. Oh well, it is all a part of Charleston.
With spring comes spring break. I was sitting in my car waiting for Natasha, and idly watching the kids come out from school. Observation is priceless.
I saw one little girl pigtails flying run and hop into her mom’s car, her mom gave her a big hug. I also saw a little boy run to his mom happily calling out
“Hi Mommy!” a very big smile of excitement at seeing her, and his mom in grabbed his arm and hissed at him to get in the car. Dashing his joy instantly. You have to feel sorry for the kid, aslo though I have to remember I don’t know what problems his mom was dealing with at that time.
While spring break is happily anticipated by most kids, some dread it. Some hate the thought of not being at school for ten days. Why? Because school besides learning means food. School lunch and breakfast are the only meals they get. The thought of going through 10 days not knowing where their next meal is coming from is scary. One in 15 children in Charleston County are hungry.
The little munchkin’s class has had lots of theft of food lately. The teacher has not been able to ascertain which child or which children are stealing snacks. It is heartbreaking to know someone in this class steals food to take home.
We don’t know who they are.
Tasha came home from school very upset one day. Her friend at school was not going to be able to purchase her school pictures, her mom couldn't afford them.
“Can we buy them for her? Nanny?” she pleaded.
No problem I told her. I worried about other things, but to the munchkin the thought of her friend not having her pictures was devastating.
I am glad she has a heart. We sometimes forget this in the everyday living stuff.
When she is begging for a toy, and has so many we think “she is being selfish” we forget the day she spent her lunch money to buy a treat for a friend that didn’t have any.
Or all the times she shared her snack with kids who do not or cannot bring any so they will not be hungry.
I worry she does not understand the lack of having simple things…like food, shelter then she turns around and proves she has deep concern for those very things in others. So Spring Break we are going to be doing some things for the hungry kids. I have been a long time member of No Kid Hungry.
We are working at the church and we are praying for the hungry.Besides, of course the usual spring break fracas
What are your plans this week? Please share for those of us flat out of ideas...:)

Happy Monday...

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