Sunday, April 13, 2014

Open Letter to the Driver in the white car on Spring Street.

 Dear Sir:

I hope you made it to your destination yesterday. You were in such a hurry to get there. When you decided I was not moving fast enough, and cut in front of me; only to find traffic at a dead stop.was that a disappointment to you?

Let me tell you what happened in my car. Because I had to slam on my brakes, even though we were only going 5 miles an hour...It threw  my granddaughter forward in her seat violently. The doll she had been happily playing with went flying, as well as the donuts she was munching on. Worse than that in three seconds, she went from happily playing to terrified. Rightly so.

Nevertheless, you did not stop there. You decided to try to get around the stopped cars by changing lanes, and doing the exactly same thing to a family in a blue Toyota. It was a good thing the driver was paying attention because there was a baby in that car. I heard it crying.
Driving is a serious enough deal, but you made it worse.
By the way, I did notice, as both the Toyota and myself passed you heading to the bridge, you were stopped at the stoplight with seven cars in front of you. Seven.  We whizzed  by continuing on to our destinations, happy for good seat belts and brakes.

Was the three blocks of terror worth it?

I want to thank you, though, for reminding me of something’s.
Thank you for reminding me that life is fleeting, and at any moment, it can end.
That the most precious thing in my life was sitting behind me, and how important being alert is.
That there is not anywhere in the world so important, that I will endanger my life or others.
And..speed does not win. Look at the speeder still stuck at the light while we passed him.

Still, I hope you made it to your destination; I hope you made it safely. I would not want anything to happen to anyone. I grieve for the bus accidents in California that wiped out so many young lives, I grieve for the 10 20 30 car pileup because someone was not alert.
See, if you understand anything understand this: just like the DUI driver, the text while driving driver, it is not only your life your are risking. Those cars next to you have people in them. People with lives of their own. Do not be selfish, think about consequences to you and other.

You have a good, day now and drive safely.

the lady in the black Ford.
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