Sunday, April 6, 2014

Saturday morning

I know she is in there, isn't she?
Tasha on a Saturday Morning.
Shortly after I found her she got up and helped me make pancakes for breakfast. So starts our day.

It is a beautiful day in Charleston today. The sun is bright, though a few clouds are hanging around keeping the temps down.
A C-17 flew over my head at 4:30 am either on its way in or out of Joint base Charleston, I am not sure. Still I prayed for their safety.
This is a big weekend. We have the Bridge Run a yearly event that pulls thousands from all over America, it is our own Boston Marathon.
what a crowd
the 10K race has been a staple of spring in Charleston for 37 years. We have runners from all over the world. the winner of this years race is from Nigeria. Of course we have a wheelchair division and Kids fest for the kids. They do not run 10k, but they get their chance to show their stuff.
Courtesy of Joan Perry

We have the Flower town festival, a flower and flea market attraction that will boggle your mind. So many flowers! So many vendors and food food food! Cannot have a southern festival without food.

Speaking of food, the Cajun festival is also in town, Cajun food and dancing until the cows come home.

Charleston is a town of families, and now that we finally have spring weather It is about to break loose. There is always something to do in this city.

Unfortunately for Natasha, although we cheered everyone else on: all we did was spring cleaning, running errands, clean out my car and take lunch to mommy at work.

Now that's real life.
Sorry Kid

End of the race! Thanks Joan Perry!

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