Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reflections on Frozen

I have a confession. I don’t care for animated films as a rule. I
know, sacrilege.
The last animated movie I really enjoyed was Nemo. I could relate with Dorie. She was a fish after my own heart. Especially her memory problems
This is a proven fact with me. I can’t remember anything longer than thirty seconds, and that a bonus if I remember that long.

The one thing that annoys my daughter more than anything is for me to call her, then say oh never mind. She thinks it is because I have changed my mind about telling her. Actually it is because I have forgotten what I was going to tell her. She will usually insist I have to tell her and I end up making something up. Sigh….
Anyway, you can see how well Dorie and I would get along. We would forget we were friends, and forgetting I might accidentally have her for dinner. Scratch that. Fish are friends not food,
Anyway, a few months ago Denise took Natasha to see “Frozen”, I am thinking it is just another Disney movie. However, both Natasha and Denise came home singing “Let it go” and I knew we were in for trouble.
Tasha gave me the story of Frozen in the 911 format and continued to sing “let it go” until I began looking for earplugs.
Now this is the bad part, Frozen became available for sale on Amazon prime a few weeks ago and Denise purchased it. I saw it for the first time and second…secretly third…I will stop there.
How do you know you have seen Frozen too many times?

You set your Ringtone to “Want to build a snowman” and use it to wake up your child.
Taking all of the Frozen quizes on Facebook, (yes I did I was Sven, Deni was Olaf)
Having deep discussions at dinner regarding your favorite character.
Secretly watching your favorites scenes on your Kindle
Listening to the frozen station on Pandora
Encouraging Tasha to dress in a princess dress and acting the movie out with her. (No fair, she is always Elsa I NEVER get to make ice?)
Number one:  reciting all of the lines in the movie before they are said by the characters,

Frozen surpasses Nemo as my favorite animated movie. (Sorry Dorie) The plot of the movie true love is so unconventional for Disney’s usually princesses.
There are other forms of true love such as sisters, parents, best friends. There are a few people I would give up my life for, outside my kids and grand kid. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe in magic, princes, Pegasus, and there is a rumor a Unicorn lives in my closet.

But I grew up believing my prince would come, and all I had to do was find him. It was a relief to finally find out I don’t need a prince I can take care of myself and true love still exists for me. It is there in my kids, my grand kids and some very dear friends I have in Virginia.
How about you, do you believe in true love?

Overheard in the backseat:

Tyler: Tasha you have to leave that book in the car
Tasha: No, I don’t.
Tyler:  Then leave it in your backpack so you don’t get in trouble.
Tasha: No I always leave it on my desk so I can read it.
The book? Tasha’s Bible, Another warrior for Jesus.

Tyler: My feet shrunk.
Tasha: Your feet cannot shrink!
Tyler mine did. They were 13 and now they are size one.

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